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LASIK Compared To Contacts And Glasses – Which Is Really Best?

Mon, 2017-06-12 00:22

Do you wear glasses or contacts and are wondering if LASIK might be for you? LASIK is laser surgery to improve your eyesight. It is quick and painless and can last many years. It is a popular option when someone is looking for vision correction. One of the considerations when looking at having LASIK is the cost. LASIK is certainly more expensive than wearing glasses or contacts, but if you add up the cost of replacement contacts or eyeglasses, it all might work out to cost about the same. LASIK costs have decreased in recent years and it may be possible to find a good surgeon who will perform this surgery for less than $1,000 per eye.

One of the problems with LASIK is that it is considered to be elective surgery by most health insurance or vision insurance plans. Some plans may pay for part of the surgery, but it usually isn’t completely covered. For more information on this topic please visit for their unique insight on LASIK surgery.

If a vision insurance plan or a health insurance plan does cover the surgery, the plan will usually require that a surgeon in their network perform the operation. This can certainly help with the cost, but it can still be pretty expensive.

If you currently wear either contacts or glasses, LASIK may be a good option. There are several things you should consider before you make your decision.


When most people run the numbers, they are surprised to discover that choosing LASIK can actually save them money in the long run. If a person opts for LASIK, they will save approximately $20,000 by not having to purchase contacts or glasses. Eyeglasses cost around $250 a pair and a person’s prescription can change multiple times.

By choosing LASIK surgery, a person no longer has to pay for contacts or glasses. It is possible for a person who has had LASIK to experience a change in their prescription, but it usually doesn’t happen for many years.

LASIK does usually require a single payment instead of being spread out over several years. However, buying new glasses and contacts every time there is a change in a person’s prescription can get expensive over the years.


Another consideration when deciding between LASIK and contacts or glasses is the lifestyle of the person. If you enjoy outdoor adventures and hobbies, wearing contacts and glasses can get in the away. Once you’ve had LASIK, you can enjoy doing just about anything and see to enjoy every minute.

Convenience And Comfort

LASIK takes less than a minute and is completely pain-free. You will be seeing better by the time you leave the doctor’s office and probably seeing 20/20 by the next morning. You will no longer have to worry about cleaning or losing contacts. You won’t have to worry about your glasses fogging or getting scratched.

If you get headaches due to eye strain, these will mostly likely disappear. You shouldn’t have blurred vision or experience digital eye strain.

LASIK can correct multiple vision problems including myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. LASIK is a good investment in your future.

Portable Power Banks Make Mobile Devices More Travel Friendly

Sat, 2017-04-29 20:15

How often do you charge your gadgets? Keeping your Smartphone or your tablet charged can be challenging, especially if you are on the go a lot. You might need to use your phone, tablet, laptop and other devices for work or simply to stay in contact with your family. Batteries can deplete quickly, especially if you need to make a lot of calls, run several apps at once or just want to watch an episode of your favorite show when you have some free time.

Keeping your electronics charged is a lot easier if you use a portable power bank. A power bank is a device that can be used to charge your devices even when there are no electric outlets available. Power banks contain batteries that need to be charged. Once your power bank is charged, you can carry it with you and plug your electronics in to charge them.

Portable power banks are small and easy to carry with you. You can use your power bank to charge your phone, laptop, tablet or any other device via a USB cable. Most devices are power hungry and batteries can quickly become depleted, especially if you are using a Wifi, watching videos or running more than one app at once. Carrying spare batteries for your different devices is not convenient since you need to carry a unique battery for each device that you use and will have to turn your devices off to replace the battery.

Carrying a portable power bank is the most convenient way to keep all your electronics charged when you travel, during your school day or during your daily commute. Using one of these devices can be an alternative to charging your electronics before leaving your home or can provide you with more screen time once your battery runs out.

You can easily find a portable power bank in your price range and will find that most of these devices are very affordable. Power banks are usually designed to be easy to carry with you and can be used to charge any device that uses a mini USB charger such as a phone or a tablet.

Using a portable power bank is a convenient solution if you often work while you are on the go or need to recharge your phone at the end of the day so you can watch videos during your commute.