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Crooked Wasserman-Schultz in Trouble

Thu, 2017-07-27 10:58
A former IT staffer for Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was arrested at the Dulles International Airport trying to flee the country for Pakistan. Imran Awan worked for the former chairman of the DNC as well as about a dozen other Democratic lawmakers. Wasserman-Schultz fired Awan on Tuesday, despite the fact he had been under investigation for […]

Video: Is Trump’s Base Turning on the President Over His Humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

Thu, 2017-07-27 10:24
https://democracynow.org – President Trump is continuing to publicly humiliate his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who was the first senator to endorse … Via Youtube

The Biggest Data Leak in Swedish History was also the Most Avoidable

Thu, 2017-07-27 10:16
It’s been described as “the biggest leak in Swedish history”, and it’s easy to see why. Looking to cut costs, in 2015, the Swedish Transport Agency (STA) outsourced the management of its database and IT infrastructure to two companies — IBM in the Czech Republic, and NCR in Serbia. Given the sensitivity of the data, […]

US police killings linked to racial bias in community: Study

Thu, 2017-07-27 10:05
Police in the United States are more likely to disproportionately kill black people in communities where whites harbor more racial bias, according to a new study. Racial attitudes in US communities play a role in police killings, according to a study by researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. The study found that implicit racial […]

Video: A Look at How a Racial Theorist Tied to Mussolini & Hitler Influenced Steve Bannon

Thu, 2017-07-27 09:23
https://democracynow.org – Journalist Joshua Green talks about two men who influenced Steve Bannon’s philosophy: the Italian philosopher Julius Evola, whose … Via Youtube