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Updated: 12 hours 46 min ago

Video: NGO publishes names of 2,300+ RT guests, labels them ‘useful idiots who undermine Western democracy’

13 hours 32 min ago
An NGO called the European Values Think-Tank has published a report on RT featuring an extensive list of US and European public figures who have been … Via Youtube

Prison Planet.com » Google to build world’s first digital ‘UTOPIA’ with parks in sky & AI weather

13 hours 54 min ago
Daily StarOctober 21, 2017 The metropolis will have computer-driven shuttles, “floating” parks – and even boast its own artificial weather. Residents will live in loft-like flats, allowing them to work from home at the touch of a button. Self-driving vehicles will replace cars while super-smart traffic lights will be designed to keep roads clear and […]

Ron Paul Rages – LewRockwell

13 hours 57 min ago
In a new interview with host Jesse Ventura at RT, former presidential candidate and House of Representatives Member Ron Paul discusses the harm imposed on the American economy by the succession of US wars over the last few decades, from the Korean War onward, that drain money away from prosperity-building activities in America. “Just think if […]

Fury as police give jailed paedophile ‘victim’ status in ex-PM Ted Heath rape case — RT UK

14 hours 17 sec ago
A convicted paedophile who was given ‘victim’ status after claiming he was raped by former British Prime Minister Ted Heath has caused outrage among abuse campaigners. The man, who is currently serving time for a string of convictions relating to child sex abuse, has made a claim against the former Tory leader, which forms part […]

Las Vegas mass shooting suite must be preserved, court orders — RT America

14 hours 1 min ago
Published time: 20 Oct, 2017 11:25 Edited time: 21 Oct, 2017 10:57 A court has ruled that the luxury suite used by the Las Vegas gunman who carried out the October 1 attack is to be preserved, along with photos, surveillance video, gambling records and anything else pertaining to the atrocity. Stephen Paddock used modified […]

PressTV-‘Any change will lead to collapse of entire JCPOA’

14 hours 28 min ago
Russia has stressed that it has no doubt that Iran is in complete compliance to all aspects of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). “We have no doubts, Iran fulfills all terms of the agreements,” said Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov during an international non-proliferation conference in Moscow on Saturday. “Almost two years […]

Video: Russian Sports Minister: People must own up to mistakes, but collective responsibility is wrong

14 hours 33 min ago
The existence of a state-supported doping program in Russia is yet to be proven, but already there is talk of banning the whole Russian team from the 2018 … Via Youtube

Relocated Puerto Rican Families are Florida’s Latest Class War Targets

14 hours 41 min ago
Photo by Alex Barth | CC BY 2.0 As the Puerto Rico disaster unfolds before our horrified eyes, shortages of water, food, housing, medicine, and healthcare threaten countless lives. As of October 13, 2017, 30,000 Puerto Ricans have arrived at the Orlando International Airport– which has established a disaster relief center to aid incoming islanders […]

PressTV-Trump offers $430K for legal bills of aids

Sat, 2017-10-21 23:41
US President Donald Trump has vowed to give at least $430,000 of his personal wealth to partially cover legal expenses of his White House aides and campaign staff questioned as part of a federal investigation into allegations of Russian meddling in the country’s last presidential election. A White House official told Washington-based news outlets on Saturday that […]

Rethinking Anglo-American Empire: It starts with the language

Sat, 2017-10-21 23:38
by T.P. Wilkinson / October 21st, 2017 There is a serious, almost insurmountable, language obstacle I find when trying to discuss the US regime or its foreign policy. It is the absolute uselessness of terms like “communism” in the literature or other verbal sources. As I always argue from the beginning of any article, the […]

US billionaire looks to impeach Trump

Sat, 2017-10-21 13:10
RTOctober 21, 2017 A US billionaire has launched a campaign, calling for the impeachment of “mentally unstable” President Donald Trump, who has brought America “to the brink of nuclear war.” Tom Steyer, an American billionaire and self-identified environmentalist addressed the public in a video released on Thursday. “He [Donald Trump] has brought us to the brink […]

Computerized Genocide – LewRockwell

Sat, 2017-10-21 13:08
Introduction by Douglas Valentine Michael Maclear’s 1975 documentary, Spooks and Cowboys, Gooks and Grunts (Part 1) is more relevant now than ever. Forty-two years after its release, it exposes the suppressed, shameful truths that have corrupted America since the Vietnam War. The documentary makes it perfectly clear that “we” have always known what was going on – […]

Please Stop Using ‘Woman in Chador Walks by Anti-US Mural’ Stock Photo for Every Article About Iran

Sat, 2017-10-21 13:05
by Adam Johnson The general mindlessness in choosing a stock photo is what makes them so pernicious. Editors reach for an image that captures the overall theme of the article while drawing the eye of distracted media consumers—typically as an afterthought, something that accents a piece rather than defines it. It’s not an easy task, […]

British banks possibly ‘conduits for laundered money’ in South African corruption scandal — RT UK

Sat, 2017-10-21 13:04
Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 09:31 Edited time: 20 Oct, 2017 08:15 It has emerged the HSBC and Standard Chartered banks may have “inadvertently been conduits for laundered money” between the Gupta family and South Africa’s president. Possible ties should be investigated, the UK government says. According to letters seen by the Guardian, Chancellor Philip […]

Trump to allow release of classified JFK assassination files — RT America

Sat, 2017-10-21 13:02
Published time: 21 Oct, 2017 13:15 Edited time: 21 Oct, 2017 14:43 US President Donald Trump says he will allow the release of classified documents relating to the assassination of President John F Kennedy, shot dead while visiting Dallas, Texas in 1963. READ MORE: JFK, CIA, Mafia and Fidel Castro – Trump can finally allow […]

PressTV-Trump not honest about fallen soldiers: Report

Sat, 2017-10-21 12:30
An exchange of emails between the White House and the Pentagon has revealed the fact that not only had US President Donald Trump not contacted the families of every US troops who had been killed this year—as he claimed earlier—but the White House did not even have an up-to-date list of fallen soldiers, a report […]

Harvey Weinstein and the Politics of Hollywood

Sat, 2017-10-21 12:27
Photo by David Shankbone | CC by 2.0 There is something truly exasperating about digesting the steady flow of horror stories relating to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In part, of course, it is because the reports that Weinstein allegedly raped and sexually assaulted women over decades are deeply disturbing. In part, it is because one […]

The Trans-Tasman Spat Show: New Zealand-Australian Tensions

Sat, 2017-10-21 11:36
It was an awkward moment for Australia’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop. News had arrived that a New Zealand government had been formed after a lengthy period of deliberation.  (The election took place on September 23.) Veteran maverick and occasional political suicide Winston Peters of the New Zealand First party had played the familiar role of […]

Europe’s “Real Boss” Now Expects Progress On Brexit By December

Sat, 2017-10-21 11:05
Zero HedgeOctober 20, 2017 The “British press” is wrong (although it wasn’t just the British press): Brexit negotiations are going well and the divorce settlement should be finalised by December. Really? This is what the EU’s “real” boss had to say on the state of Brexit negotiations following the first day of the EU summit. […]

Black & Muslim inmates more likely to be ill-treated than white prisoners in UK jails, study finds — RT UK

Sat, 2017-10-21 11:03
Black and Muslim men are more likely to suffer ill treatment in British prisons, a new study has found. Unequal treatment of prisoners can lead to mental health breakdowns and reduce the chances of rehabilitation, it says. According to the Runnymede Trust, a race equality think tank, and the University of Greenwich, black and minority […]


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