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Updated: 15 hours 3 min ago

Alabama Result Likely to Impact 2018 Senate Races

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:55
James Arkin, RealClearPolitics

Discrediting Mueller Is Impeachment Politics

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:47
Byron York, Washington Examiner
There is another way to look at the recent wave of Mueller criticism.

A Constitutional Crisis Is on the Way

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:46
Paul Waldman, American Prospect
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation is circling the Oval Office, and the closer he gets, the more agitated President Trump and his defenders become. In response, they've begun an all-out assault on Mueller, one that could well result in Trump firing him. It's more than obvious that Trump wants to do so; the only question is how long the relatively sane people around him who appreciate the consequences of such a move can hold him back.

Trump Keeps His Promises--No Wonder Liberals Are Mad

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:46
Piers Morgan, Daily Mail
To say Trump is 'polarizing' is to massively understate the sheer enormity of hatred that exists toward the billionaire tycoon who won the White House just over a year ago.

Why Democrats Win Even If They Lose in Alabama

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:46
Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico
The party will either pick up a seat in the Deep South â?? or have Roy Moore to campaign against in the midterms.

Botched Attacks Are Media's Attempt to Undermine the WH

Mon, 2017-12-11 23:46
Joe Concha, The Hill
Recent weeks have been our political media's worst in recent or long-term memory.

Social Media Is Ripping Social Fabric Apart

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:44
Chamath Palihapitiya, View From the Top
Chamath Palihapitiya, who worked at Facebook beginning in 2007 and eventually became its vice president for user growth, warned that the social network is "ripping apart the social fabric of how society works."

Republican Tax Plan Takes Quirky Swipe at the Little Guys

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:43
Kudlow & Moore, NY Post
Republicans are supposed to be the party that cuts the job-killing capital-gains tax, not raises it. But because of a quirk in the Senate-passed bill, the tax on capital gains may go up — and for some types of long-held assets, fairly substantially. Most members of Congress don’t even know of this stealth capital-gains hike.

Mideast Violence Shouldn't Determine U.S. Foreign Policy

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:43
Alan Dershowitz, Examiner
A clear message must be sent now to these leaders and dissenters: Violence will not be rewarded or tolerated.

I've Witnessed 2 Intifadas. Trump May Ignite a Third

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:43
Raja Shehadeh, The Guardian
The relish with which Donald Trump signed the declaration recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel left me with a sense of cold resignation at the obduracy of the man. He was almost gleeful; the power he now wields enables him with the stroke of a pen to bring about historical changes to our suffering world. But I was neither surprised nor angry – those emotions having long since been spent.

Trump's Leadership, Military Support Eradicate ISIS

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:43
Tom Shattuck, Boston Herald
If you're ISIS in Iraq, this has not been a good year. President Trump has delivered on his promise to Bomb the (expletive) out of you and his generals have been given the green light to hunt every last one of you down and kill you.Mission accomplished.In an address yesterday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi formally announced that the more than three-year fight against the barbaric terror group is over after the country's security forces drove the extremists from all of the territory they once held.ISIS in Iraq is defeated.

What's at Stake in Alabama

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:42
Chris Buskirk, American Greatness
Are we really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice or are we forever destined to depend for political constitutions on accident and force. That's the question Alexander Hamilton asked during the fight to ratify the Constitution. And

Jones Tries to Make AL Race at Least Partly About Him

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:42
Charles Bethea, New Yorker
On Friday afternoon, Doug Jones, the Alabama Democrat running against the Republican Roy Moore for Jeff Sessions’s former Senate seat, was stuck at home, snowed in by a light dusting in the Birmingham area, working on his “honey-do list.” The election is Tuesday. “It’s so unusual, this snow in December,” he told me over the phone, laughing. “Kind of like a Democrat in Alabama, right?” A Democrat seeking statewide office in Alabama is at a natural disadvantage, but Moore would seem to have his own obstacles to overcome. Among them: his removal...

Is There a Looming #MeToo Backlash?

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:37
Emily Yoffe, Politico
As a much-needed reckoning happens in the workplace, look to college campuses for a note of caution.

Families Across America Can Expect a Tax Cut

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:37
Adam Michel, The National Interest
Policies in both tax bills would greatly improve America's current, woefully out-of-date tax code.

On the Economy, Trump Needs to Get His Statistics Straight

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:37
Keith Boykin, CNN
Job growth under Trump's presidency so far, writes Keith Boykin, is due to the continuation of Obama's successful efforts, but Trump is trying to take all the credit.

Political Journalists Regret the Error. Again and Again.

Mon, 2017-12-11 16:36
David Harsanyi, The Federalist
If there's a major news story that journalists have botched more over the past 70 years than the Russia 'collusion' story, I'd love to hear about it.

Why the Arab Street Didn't 'Explode'

Mon, 2017-12-11 09:04
Ralph Peters, New York Post
In the wake of President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last week, the “experts” crowding the media predicted strategic calamity: Vast, violent protests and a wave of terror would sweep the Muslim world in the coming days.