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Ukrainian Education Act: myth and reality

Fri, 2017-10-20 10:01
Ukrainian Education Act, adopted by Ukrainian parliament on Sept.5 2017, has become the matter of great discussion not only in Ukraine, but the near abroad. It is also an item of the agenda of EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg. Hungary and Russia are among active critics, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece are not indifferent. Romania is not standing aside. In particular, Romanian parliament has recently adopted declaration containing the hope that European standards regarding the rights of national minorities, residing in Ukraine, will be observed. The most debatable clause of this act is imperative usage of Ukrainian language as obligatory language at all stages of education, except for the pre-school and elementary school education. It is obvious that such determined decision has provoked rough reaction of Ukraine’s neighbours. Russia has already called this law act as “ethnocide” of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine. Hungary has also expressed hard-line response, accusing Ukraine of ousting Hungarian language from Ukraine in general and from Carpathian Ruthenia region in particular. Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto called new Ukrainian Education Act as “a stab in the back” and said Hungary would block all euro-integration initiatives of Ukraine. But is that negative reaction of international community as unanimous as it is stated? Not all European officials and international experts are so peremptory with the new Ukrainian Education Act. Thorbjorn Jagland, the Secretary of Europe council, dedicated the article to this topic, admitting that minorities must be fluent in the official language of country they are residents of and the country is obliged to bring them opportunity to learn official language. According to Jagland, app. 400.000 of students of national minorities are studying in their native languages, so there is no reasons to accuse Ukraine of violations of minorities’ rights. Also, Mr. Jagland hailed the decision of Ukrainian government to send the text of the Education Act to the Venice Commission for detailed analysis. The minister of education and science of Latvia Karlis Sadurskis expressed even more pro-Ukrainian opinion in this regard. During the meeting with the minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin, Mr. Sadurskis said it was absolutely understandable decision of Ukrainian government to persuade students to learn official language. It is worth mentioning the opinion of European experts in this regard. Gwendolynn Sass, senior partner in Carnegie Europe and the Director of “Center for Eastern Europe and International Studies”, believes that the new Education Act is a great opportunity for Ukrainian language and for Ukrainian citizens who can become more competitive in the national labour market. As the thesis of abuse of national minorities’ rights, committed by Ukraine, is very doubtful and it needs more serious researches, let’s take into account those reasons which could have provoked Hungary and Russia to make such flat statements on Ukraine. The reasons for such rough and inadequate reaction of Hungary can be divided on internal and external ones. One of internal reason is parliamentary elections in Hungary coming soon, which Orban’s team can win only having the external threat. The problems of providing internal policy force Hungarian government to use nationalist rhetoric, though it completely discords with the principles and law of European Union. Another internal reason for Hungary to escalate conflict with Ukraine is the issue of Carpathian Ruthenia region, which was separated from Hungary as a result of World War II. This reason is a part of the reason above, just because the idea of “recollection of territories” is the good mobilization instrument and it can distract the attention of Hungarian citizens from the government’s fails in economy and finances. The main external reason of such hard-line position of Hungary is Russian influence. For Russian Federation, it is extremely important to reduce the power of Ukraine and the lift of sanctions, which were established by the world community because of annexation of Crimea and constant support of pro-Russian terrorists in the particular districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. The obligatory Ukrainian language education is the good ground to show Ukraine as undemocratic, authoritarian state which cannot be the partner of EU because of permanent violation of the rights of national minorities. It is the reason why we have to make clear the issue of alleged violations of the rights of Hungarian minority in Ukraine. With reference to Hungarian minority in Carpathian Ruthenia region we can use network search and we can find that there are such education institutions in Ukraine with only Hungarian language of education as Ferenc Rakoczi II Transcarpathian Hungarian Institute, Department of Hungarian Philology in Uzhgorod National University etc. We don’t list the hundreds of Hungarian high schools, Hungarian education programs etc. The statements of Hungarian politicians about the violations of the rights of Hungarian minority in Ukraine seem to be very doubtful. Likewise, the problem is that most part of students of Hungarian minority doesn’t know Ukrainian language at all, so they cannot use their civil freedoms and rights of Ukrainian citizens. At the same time the situation of the rights of more than 13 minorities in Hungary remains to be quite hard. The Hungarian government has not admitted the existence of these minorities for a long time. The Act of the Rights of National and Ethnic Minorities № 77 of 1993 was adopted only because of the international pressure and it is often violated because of increasing nationalist rhetoric of Hungarian politicians. Maybe such abnormal situation encouraged Ukrainian government to establish the Ukrainian language as the obligatory language for education. Ukraine is on the way to integrate into EU and it seems to be impossible that Ukraine would violate the rights of national minorities to use their national languages.

“He knew what he signed up for.” How truth has become anathema to Americans.

Wed, 2017-10-18 16:30
“He knew what he signed up for.” With that one sentence which he is alleged to have delivered during a phone call to the widow of a fallen soldier, the United States President Donald Trump is once again in the news as a subject of ridicule and infamy. The mainstream media led by CNN, of […]

Democrats love for illegal immigrants: altruism or selfishness?

Sun, 2017-10-15 14:25
The Trump administration recently put out their conditions for working with Democrats to find a solution for the DACA problem, and, as is becoming very usual with the fake progressive, corporate Democrats, they are up in arms against the conditions which are very reasonable, (baring the wall, of course,) if we’re serious about solving our […]

Russiagate: Social media may be the great propaganda war equalizer and the US isn’t laughing.

Tue, 2017-10-10 12:44
Since the last presidential election in which Donald Trump was elected the president of the United States, the American mainstream news media has been awash with stories about how Russia meddled in the election, and played a role in the election of Mr Trump whom they consider the less qualified candidate in that election. The […]

Vast demonstrations in different cities in Iran

Wed, 2017-10-04 14:48
It has been almost a year since many people all over the country of Iran held rallies and demonstrations against the Iranian regime’s credit institutions, which once claimed to be a low interest rate loan fund. The Caspian credit institute is related to Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and was founded in 1990s, but later it failed to fulfill its promises. There are hundreds of similar funds active across Iran, but the regime has failed to regulate them. Many people across the country had trusted the Caspian credit institution enough to decide to invest there, as its name had been listed on Central Bank’s official website as an authorized institution. Therefore, investors indicate they can no longer trust the Central Bank. Hossein ali Haji Doleigani, an Iranian MP said, “At least one third of the people are having problems due to their investments and savings in financial credit institutes. Psychological, spiritual concerns, and worries resulting from investing in such institutions, in addition to the investment, causes problems for their families and it appears more than 20 million people are suffering in this regard,” said Doleigani. On September 16, around 2,000 retired civil servants, including teachers from the provinces of Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Central, South Khorasan, North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Gilan, Mazandaran, and Kermanshah, protested- their difficult livelihood in front of Vahdat Hall in Tehran. The chants and slogans of the protest included: "Tyranny and oppression is enough, our table is empty", "We do not stand still until we get our rights", "One less embezzlement, our problem is solved". On the banners carried by the protesters, it was written: "Rouhani, Rouhani, implement your promises." The video below is in Farsi, but shows the anger of the people at Rouhani and his administration. Police forces surrounded the rally to prevent the spread of the rally. The regime hopes to keep the social unrest contained and keep it from spreading to other groups and organizations. These videos show the continued unrest throughout Iran, which threatens the continued existence of the Iranian regime. Here are some of the slogans they chanted at the demonstrations: To so called moderate!! Rouhani: "The government of prudence and hope, which hope? Which hope?" "The poverty line is our 4 million, our salary is one million", "Every promise that they gave was all hollow." "We, the depositors of the authorized Caspian Institution, will continue our legitimate sit-in until we reach our rights." They chanted: "We have been trying for ten months, but heard nothing but lies," "No nation has ever seen such an evil government," "Oppression, corruption and embezzlement is the gift of our government." The Iranian Resistance hails all protesting including all retired workers, investors whose savings have been plundered, teachers, active workers, nurses, college students and those who have been deprived of their rights in Iran under the mullahs’ rule. They call on all Iranians, especially the youth, to rise in support of these protesters. The Iranian Resistance also calls on all labor unions, teachers, and retired workers in various countries, as well as relevant international organizations, to express their solidarity with protest rallies in Iran and condemning the mullahs’ repressive and cruel policies. Poverty, inflation, and unemployment have destroyed Iran’s economy. These conditions are the result of four decades of religious fascism ruling over this country. The mullahs’ establishment allocates Iran’s national treasures and the people’s property for domestic crackdown, exporting terrorism, and nuclear and missile projects or are plundered by the senior elite. As long as this regime is in power, this crisis will only deepen and intensify.

Things that make sense in America that make no sense anywhere else. Part 1.

Mon, 2017-10-02 14:55
The United States of America is exceptional. In fact, the country is so exceptional that it recognizes its own exceptionalism and sings it to the high heavens any opportunity it gets. American exceptionalism is a phrase you hear regularly being used by all and sundry in the country, from the president of the country to […]

The real reason Martin Shkreli is going to jail.

Sun, 2017-09-24 18:27
Martin Shkreli, the notorious millionaire most of you know as pharma bro due to his shenanigans when he bought a little known but very useful and life saving drug known as Daraprim and increased the price 5000 fold is going to jail. He was convicted in August of three counts of fraud, relating to two hedge […]

Why Obama getting remunerated by Wall Street for a job well done is good for progressives.

Tue, 2017-09-19 12:53
President Barack Obama is once again receiving big-money fees for giving talks to financial firms, according to a new report from Bloomberg, but is that really so bad? First, the new facts: Bloomberg reported Monday that Obama spoke before the Carlyle Group last week, at the famed private equity company’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he reminisced about his White […]

Iran claims to have evidence proving the U.S’ sponsorship of Islamic State: how many Americans honestly doubt that?

Mon, 2017-09-18 13:44
Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) operatives managed to infiltrate US military command centers and obtain documents allegedly proving collusion between Washington and ISIS terrorists in the region, a top Iranian commander claims. The claim was made by IRGC Aerospace Force Commander Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh this past Friday during a TV interview. “We have documents […]

The funniest reviews, so far, of Hillary Clinton’s What Happened on Amazon. Part 2.

Fri, 2017-09-15 16:40
This is the second installment of deleted Hillary Clinton’s What Happened  reviews on The only thing I’m going to ask you to do is to go on Amazon and take a look at the positive reviews of the book which Amazon is favoring over the negative reviews. Focus on the number of people who […]

The funniest reviews, so far, of Hillary Clinton’s What Happened on Amazon.

Thu, 2017-09-14 13:08
As you probably know, the losing presidential candidate from the last presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton has just released a tell all book titled What Happened as a way to explain what really went on in her campaign and why she lost the election to her opponent, Republican Donald Trump. The book also tried to […]

Democrats and Republicans playing political tit for tat is a political ill wind for Americans.

Wed, 2017-09-13 12:36
Democrats are doing to Trump exactly the same thing Republicans did to Obama, or even worse. They’re criticizing everything he does or doesn’t do as a way to score cheap political points, and that is making them look and sound ridiculous much of the time. A poll taken of Americans a few weeks ago found […]

Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened” is simply a dog in the manger attack on Bernie Sanders

Mon, 2017-09-11 16:47
Hillary Clinton’s new book is nothing but a thinly veiled dog-in-the-manger attempt against Bernie Sanders. Mrs Clinton knows at this point, that no miracle can get her in the White House, but that Senator Sanders can still make it if he runs, so her plan is to try and tarnish the man’s image. Everything she […]

The hypocrisy of attacking Trump for “ending” DACA.

Thu, 2017-09-07 16:41
All over the mainstream media, the outrage is palpable. Everywhere you look, every channel you turn to, every newspaper or magazine you pick up, there’s some outraged politician or talking head, or even unknown and nondescript individual railing against President Trump and his heartlessness for ending the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals or DACA program. […]

Hillary Clinton accusing Bernie Sanders of damaging her campaign only cements her reputation as a liar.

Tue, 2017-09-05 15:48
The liar is back. Yes, Hillary Clinton is out of the woods and back in the news once more. I call her the liar because she’s a liar, and her latest statement in her new book proves beyond reasonable doubt that she is truly a liar. In her new book titled “What Happened,” Hillary Clinton […]

Reality bites: This summer is Hollywood’s worst in 25 years.

Thu, 2017-08-31 16:12
As Hollywood wraps up the all-important summer box office, studio and movie theater executives are facing a sobering reality: The number of tickets sold has fallen to its lowest level in a quarter-century.  There are many explanations: Some say it’s because the movies just weren’t that good, while others are blaming long-term changes in consumer […]

Hurricane Harvey Media Coverage: Talk about Climate Change, and not how the first lady is dressed.

Wed, 2017-08-30 14:59
Since 2010, climate change related “natural” disasters have cost the United States a total of over a trillion dollars, and that’s excluding whatever the cost of Hurricane Harvey will amount to. That’s also excluding the human costs in deaths, and physical and emotional damage to the people affected. All in all, the costs, both in […]

The only thing President Trump did wrong was defeat the establishment.

Thu, 2017-08-24 15:47
Yes, the only thing President Donald Trump did wrong, and why he is under the worst kind of attack that any American president has ever been under, is that he defeated the establishment by beating out all their possible selections in the presidential election. That is a controversial statement, I know, but it should not […]

Why American presidents only become “presidential” when they start or escalate wars.

Tue, 2017-08-22 18:42
President Trump spoke yesterday about how he wants to escalate the 17 year old war in Afghanistan by sending an additional four thousand soldiers to join the fight, and the scores are in, unanimous and unequivocal; he knocked it out of the park. The media is crooning once again about how presidential he looked, how […]

Antifa: Violence by any other name is still violence.

Mon, 2017-08-21 17:12
A clandestine, and apparently on demand group named the Antifascism or Antifa has been in the news of late for the part its members have played in the recent KKK rallies and marches across the United States. This group which has no known registered membership, but which has members gather as if out of thin […]


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